on bespoke tailoring :



In June 2008, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a British advertising regulator, ruled that an advertisement describing a suit "put into a 'working-frame' where it would be cut and sewn by machine" as a "bespoke suit uniquely made according to your personal measurements & specification" was not breaching the Authority's self-proclaimed advertising codes, notably the truthfulness rule, because the use of the term bespoke was not deemed likely to confuse. The ruling cited the Oxford English Dictionary definition of bespoke as "made to order", and considered that despite the fact a bespoke suit was "fully hand-made and the pattern cut from scratch, with an intermediary baste stage which involved a first fitting so that adjustments could be made to a half-made suit", while a suit made-to-measure "would be cut, usually by machine, from an existing pattern, and adjusted according to the customer's measurements", "both fully bespoke and made-to-measure suits were "made to order" in that they were made to the customer's precise measurements and specifications, unlike off-the-peg suits".

image Savile Row, London.



on bespoke winemaking :

Bertrand Bespoke is crafting wines according to the origin of the grapes , with no set method, adapting each time to the quality of the fruit and elaborating wine to the desired style imagined by the winemaker.